Monday, June 20, 2016

1000 Ways to Die TV Series

From 2008-2012, 1000 Ways to Die brought us a tongue in cheek look at the many mysterious, dramatic and unusual ways people have been reported to have met their death. The series is much like what Myth Busters does with myths… but with death, and to be honest we’ve been sad ever since it finished a few years ago after a row between the network and those involved with the show.

Dr. Howard Oliver has made several appearances on the television series as an expert Forensic Pathologist, explaining the science behind each death.

100 Ways to Die Series: Dr. Howard Oliver

1000 Ways to Die does apply some artistic license, but what TV program doesn’t, right? The names of the deceased, dates of death, locations and well, some of the context and details do get changed, too. Not always, though, they did provide an accurate description of Harry Houdini’s death.

A lot of the episodes take bits and pieces of true stories and amalgamate them into one epic story.
Thankfully the narrator provides a lightness and comedic slant to what would be some pretty horrific ways to go.

1000 Ways to Die is a great example of black humor, thanks in part to that narrator. The show also includes recreations, expert and witness testimony and my personal favorite bits are the computer generated animations that are used in an obvious, and much appreciated, nod to CSI. Just like when watching CSI, I have to look away when watching 1000 ways to die, particularly when an overly hands on carnival stall fella fell head first into a deep fat fryer. Just one of the many interesting aspects you will find in 1000 Ways to Die.

Every story is narrated throughout giving the background story and details surrounding each occurrence of death and ends with a deliciously morbid pun that includes popular figures of speech and applies them to the ridiculous death that has just befallen the “victim”.

Unfortunately, as indicated above, the show was cancelled due to the producers and stars striking against the network, but the good news is that repeats are now airing and our love has been rekindled. So if you missed out before then don’t miss out now, get your TV set to record series, and if you saw it the first time around and you’ve had an empty void in your life since it finished then now is your chance to catch up with all of your favorite ridiculous deaths all over again.

With death being the ultimate unknown this is an amusing look that is not only educational, but hilarious and horrifying, too.

Dr. Howard Oliver has made other TV appearances as well on other documentary series, news shows and more. Check out his TV appearances here:

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