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Dr. Howard Oliver - Major Civil War Battles

Dr. Howard Oliver has spent many years studying and learning about the major battles of the American Civil War.

As a major history buff, Dr. Howard Oliver is fascinated by the Civil War era for its many significant and defining events. Each battle of the Civil War tells an interesting story complete with victory, loss, sacrifice, and incredible war heroes.

Civil War Battles - Dr. Howard Oliver

In Washington D.C troops came together to attempt to seize Manassas, VA which was extremely important to them. The troops lay in wait at the creek for the Union Forces and this was deemed the first of the bigger battles during the war. The outcome was that the forces were able to defeat the Union on Sunday 21st July 1861.

The union army was commanded by General McClellan who decided it was wise to start the approach from the Atlantic Coast to get to Richmond. There were troops that were left in Yorktown Peninsula and battles continued all through July of 1862. The Union were again defeated by the Confederates and this was known as the Peninsula Campaign.

One of the 7 day battles started on June the 25th in 1862 when the Northern Virginia Army fought the Union in Maryland. A messenger had dropped battle plan copies which were then picked up by one of the Union soldiers. This showed that the Virginia Army were in fact divided which led to General Grant attacking. A battle took place on the 17th September 1862 in Maryland which resulted in a battle draw.

Dr. Howard Oliver has also specifically studied some of the major battles of the American Civil War, described below.

The Battle of Shiloh
Once the Union had dispersed all troops to the East and West the Battle of Shiloh was one of the West battles. The Union troops advanced into Tennessee. Near to Shiloh an attack was made by the Confederates which led to thousands of casualties from both sides after only 2 days fighting. The Union won this time around in one of the bloodiest battles of the whole Civil war despite having more losses than their opponents.

The Battle of Chancellorville
It was the South that came out on top in the Battle of Chancellorville because of the amount of troops the Union had lost. In an unfortunate event, General Stonewall Jackson was mistaken for being a Yankee and was killed by one of him own troops members.

The Battle of Gettysburg
The Confederate Troops found the Union Cavalry almost by accident when they arrived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This is when they attacked which gave way for the biggest battle of the whole war. This battle lasted for three days and was won by the Union despite the surprise attack. This led to the destruction of the plans to continue the fight further North.

Fall of Atlanta
It was during the Atlanta fall that General Sherman took over the Union Army command. The troops were taken through Georgia where they seized and burned Atlanta which was a main city as well as a railroad junction. This happened on the 2nd of September 1864. General Oliver Howard also played a major role leading troops through the Atlanta Campaign.

March to the Sea
The army continued to the Atlantic coast burning and tearing up the railroad tracks, homes as well as capturing livestock. As a result the Confederate Army were forced out of Savannah by 22nd of December 1864.

The burning and destruction continued through North Carolina despite attempts to half the Union to get through Grants lines. Petersburg was seized by the Union on the 2nd of April 1865 and then seized Richmond the following day. General Lee was cut off from taking his remaining forces to North Carolina. It was on the 9th of April 1865 that he surrendered to the Union which was accepted later at the Appomattox Court House.

The exciting turning points and major victories and losses that took place in the Civil War are an essential part of understanding our history as a nation for Dr. Howard Oliver. Dr. Howard Oliver continues to read new books and research on the topic, hoping to uncover new and interesting details of what was one of the most important moments in the history of the United States. Learn more about the Civil War and his other passions on Quora:

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